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Here are some instructions on using CometWiki. The syntax is essentially the same as wikipedia. Another good way to learn is to use existing pages as examples---click the 'edit' link at the top of a page to see the source. If you have any problems with the wiki, you can email me at:

Wikitext Formatting

You can find info on how to format wikitext here.

Uploading Files

Upload files with the 'Upload file' link on the left. You can upload image files, pdfs, movies etc. Avoid uploading images as tif format if possible since it is not natively supported by most browsers and produces huge files (png is a good lossless format if you want the image to have perfect accuracy, otherwise jpeg with quality of 95% works very well and produces relatively small files)

There is a limit on the upload file size. If you want to upload something really big, email me:

Media files can be linked to in the text with e.g.

[[:media:mypaper.pdf | here's my paper]]

Images can be typeset with thumbnails automatically, e.g.


will produce a 250 pixel wide thumbnail of the image on the right of the page, with the caption 'Choanoflagellate'

Wiki table formatting is a bit byzantine---to quickly convert tables from excel to wikitext, you can use this online form but please also upload the xls file to make it easier for others to update the table.