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Choanoflagellate Illustrations

October 7th, 2010 Posted in Research, Science, Uncategorized
Choanoflagellate as viewed in maya

Editing a choanoflagellate in maya

Here are some 3D illustrations of choanoflagellates I made to show the lifecycle of the choanoflagellate I’m studying. My goal was to show the shapes of the cells in cartoon-like form for clarity, but with enough detail to show all the important bits, and also convey the 3D relation of the cells in colonies.

I used Maya, a great 3D modeling program that can export as vector graphics! Below are some pngs of the illustrations, and links to vector files for download (in pdf format, which should be compatible with most programs like illustrator, keynote, powerpoint etc). The illustrations are licensed under the creative commons attribution share-alike license—if you find them useful, please link back here. Thanks!

Choanoflagellate Thecate Cell

Choanoflagellate Thecate Cell (download pdf)

Choanoflagellate Swimmer Cell

Choanoflagellate Swimmer Cell (download pdf)

Choanoflagellate Short-collared Cell

Choanoflagellate Short-collared Cell (download pdf)

Choanoflagellate Chain Colony

Choanoflagellate Chain Colony (download pdf)

Choanoflagellate Rosette Colony

Choanoflagellate Rosette Colony (download pdf)

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