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HaCkeD by Muh­madE­mad HaCkeD By Muh­madE­mad Long Live to pesh­mar­ga Kur­Dish HaCk3rS WaS Here FUCK ISIS !

Quicktime Movie thumbnailer for Mediawiki

Here’s a basic medi­awiki exten­sion to ren­der thumb­nails for quick­time (.mov) files. Medi­awiki (the engine that pow­ers Wikipedia) doesn’t under­stand Quick­time files by default, so doesn’t pro­duce thumb­nails for them.  I hacked togeth­er this exten­sion to cre­ate thumb­nails for the movies so you can browse through snap­shots of the movies in the search results, media […]

Convert The Economist Audio Edition into an iPod audiobook with chapters

This script re-orders The Econ­o­mist Audio Edi­tion mp3 files into an iPod audio­book, allow­ing you to resume from the last lis­tened posi­tion and includes chap­ter marks for each sto­ry, and orig­i­nal art­work. I’ve been very hap­py since The Econ­o­mist start­ed their audio edi­tion—now I can lis­ten to the whole of the mag­a­zine on my iPod! […]

Embedding a 3D figure into a PDF

How do you share a 3D dia­gram? Acro­bat! It turns out that the ubiq­ui­tous Acro­bat Read­er con­tains a 3D engine that works great for dis­trib­ut­ing inter­ac­tive 3D fig­ures.

Setting bash variables from an XML file

Here’s a quick way to set bash vari­ables using data from an XML file

A side view of cells with Galena

Putting small, cubic, crys­tals of gale­na on the sur­face of a cul­ture dish pro­vides flat sur­faces that are ide­al for good side-views of attached cells for light microscopy.

Valap brush

I made a valap brush—essentially a mod­i­fied sol­der­ing iron, with a met­al brush at the end. It heats up just enough to melt the valap—so you dip it into solid valap, which it melts, then you paint the liq­uid valap on at leisure.

Comet tutorials

In my first attempt at mak­ing screen­casts, I’ve post­ed two tuto­ri­als on how to get the comet pro­gram work­ing on OS X.

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Installing VTK on Mac OS X

Down­load Uni­ver­sal Bina­ries of the VTK libraries for OS X here (also how to build them your­self). The comet pro­gram uses VTK for all its 3D rendering—if you want to com­pile comet with 3D out­put, you’ll need to link again­st the VTK libraries. 

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Comet paper accepted

The comet paper (or ‘In sil­i­co recon­sti­tu­tion of act­in based symmetry-breaking and motil­i­ty’) has been accept­ed to PLoS biol­o­gy!

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Building GSL as a Universal Binary

Here’s a uni­ver­sal bina­ry of the Gnu Sci­en­tific library (GSL) for OS X, includ­ing the ppc, ppc64, i386 and x86_64 archi­tec­tures. Works with Leop­ard and Snow Leop­ard.

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