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Command line syntax

The program expects to be run from a new directory containing a copy of the control file cometparams.ini, an example of which is included in the source code and explained in detail below. Typing `comet' without any parameters returns the command line syntax.

For a new simulation setup the parameter file 'cometparams.ini' in current directory and type:

comet <numThreads>

where <numThreads> is the number of CPUs to use e.g. typing `comet 4' will start a new run using 4 simultaneous threads and parameters read from the cometparams.ini control file.

To process an existing dataset type:

comet <command> <frame range>

where <command> is 'post' to write bitmap images, 'vtk' to write 3D images or 'view' to enter 3D interactive mode. e.g.:

comet post 1:300 

writes bitmaps for frame 1--300, and

comet view 300:300 

enters 3D interactive mode for frame 300 (the range '0:0' can be used to process all frames).